I think it’s time I reflected and had a roll-call of works in progress to help prioritise.  So here it is:

  • SIL’s ‘Ice Cave’ Quilt: idea has solidified (except for the backing). Need to purchase Kona solids to get started on the quilt top. Research backing – with the possibility of EPP ice / snow flakes?
  • RIMU hat and cowl: I can’t find my knitting needles, but I obviously have the wool and pattern. It wouldn’t take long to do and would be good to have in winter!
  • Blue Wren quilt for my mum. I’ve done the EPP blue wren, but now I need to make a backing/quilt for it and finish it!
  • Socks. I have one started.
  • Retro flowers: all ready to start quilting, although I need to decide on what patterns to quilt. I even have the binding ready for when I’m finished.
  • Jaybird Gravity quilt: this was going to be for ME! :-/
  • Knitted Christmas balls: there are always more to do.
  • Crazy Cowl: this feels low priority; does that mean I’ll never get to it?
  • Rogue Big Blanket (hmmm. . .do I want to finish this? Or use the squares / wool for something else?)
  • 1st knitted doll: I really need to give the 1st doll to charity! And finish off this 1st; it wouldn’t take long.
  • Amish with a Twist: I got this quilt kit a billion years ago.
  • Teal quilt thing?
  • Grey and red chevron crochet blanket – just a thought bubble of a childhood memory.
  • Reds and teals checker quilt with felt applique. Hmm. . .this would come together quickly if I actually started working on it.
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When I was in Wellington during our recent trip to New Zealand, I stopped off at Holland Road Yarn Company. I think I saw them mentioned on Twitter? In any case, it was a lovely shop. After much deliberation I bought some Zealana RIMU in a deep blue. It’s made up of 60% NZ merino and 40% brushtail possum. The possum gives the wool a lovely dark haze.

Batman knitting

The possum hair gives this a lovely fuzzy haze

I started out using a pattern I’d fallen in love with, Star Anise. However the deep colour and haze of the wool meant that the pattern didn’t stand out as much as I wanted it to, so I frogged back to the ribbing and decided to just knit it plain in stockingette order to just ‘celebrate the wool’. What I wound up with was a rather boring hat. So I frogged it back completely.

Frog time

Now I’m trying to find time to start again. This time I’m going to try the Blue Laurel Hat pattern. I’m hoping the slightly lacier patter will show up more. If it works out, I should also have enough wool to come up with a cowl. I love cowls – a lot less wool and time than a scarf, and a lot easier to not lose!

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Sparky’s World Map on the Wall

I wouldn’t call the world map panel that I quilted for my son ‘finished’, however it is up on his wall!

Quick/nasty photo, but E's wall hanging is up!

To finish it off I’d like to put markers for places in Australia where he has been (including home) and markers at other places in the world showing where friends and family live. But that can happen later; I have too much else on at the moment. Also, I needed a feeling of ACHIEVEMENT, even if it isn’t also completion. As this project will need updating as we travel more in the future, this feels OK.

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Progress: Retro Flowers

I have the quilt top for the Retro Curves quilt finished as well as the binding cut and pressed. I’ve wound up settling on a medium grey fabric for the backing and binding. That means I’ll probably quilt the ‘petals’ with thread to match each petal so that on the verso you can see them. I’m not thrilled with the dark grey backing – however I think I actually bought medium grey fabric months ago as the backing to finish it off! I couldn’t find it in my stash the day I went to purchase fluff, and without there being any other fabrics I liked that there was enough of, grey it is.

Time to do the backing, then quilt!

I’ve also mentioned this quilt in previous posts, UFO: Retro Flowers, WIP: Retro Flowers, and Sunday Stash: Let’s finish some WIPs. This highlights to me that this WIP is over a year old! Oops! However I have gotten what I wanted to learn out of it, i.e. I have successfully pieced curves on my machine. And they weren’t as bad as I thought they might be!

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UFO: Retro Flowers

I’ve got several works in progress and am – yet again – trying to make progress on them. I’ve completed several projects in between, but when a project is for me there is no impetus to complete it by a certain date. So it is put aside while I complete things for other people.

I started the Retro Flowers quilt in a class to learn how to use curves in quilts. I’ve mentioned the quilt in two previous posts:

So. Yes. I started this over a year ago. Well, today I FINALLY have all the blocks finished! With all the trimming, this quilt really suits a production line: it’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing. I must admit that it took me a while to figure out what I needed to do, what stage that various unfinished flowers were at, etc. But now they are ready to finally put them together, add the borders, then quilt. I’m busy next weekend, but hopefully I can at least get the flowers all together. Another positive note is that I had no trouble sewing the curve for the part of a block I had to redo. Progress!

So. Much. Fussing.

Layout ok? Retro flowers/ curves quilt

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Sparky’s World Map

I’m not usually keen on panel quilts, however when I was at the New Zealand Fabrics and Yarn shop while on holiday I bought a world map panel.

A project for the boy's wall

As soon as I saw it, I new I wanted to do a wall hanging for Sparky’s bedroom. We travel a bit, plus he has friends and family all over the world, so I want to quilt our trips onto the wall hanging as well as put place markers for friends and family. The nice thing is that I can add to it over time. So far I’ve stitched the lines of latitude and longitude in black, other lines such as the prime meridian in cream, and our trips in gold. The gold thread was. . .a challenge.

Japan went ok.

It is all bound and ready for the dowels to be put through so that it can hang – I just haven’t hung it yet. Or put buttons for where friends and family are. I’ll there (soon, I hope).

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Rimu Beanie. Hmm.

While on holiday in New Zealand, I bought some BEAUTIFUL wool at Holland Road Yarn Company. It is Zealana Rimu. It is a deep blue with a smoke haze to it. I LOVE it. I started off doing a patterned beanie, but the haze meant that the pattern didn’t show up as much as I wanted. So I just did a plain beanie to make the wool the ‘hero’ – but I’m not certain I like it. I’m going to take it to work and ask a friend. I’m happy to frog it if she doesn’t think it’s good enough for this wool. I LOVE it and don’t want to waste it onea mediocre beanie! I have enough for a cowl as well, but I want to have the beanie nailed first.

The 1st photo shows the colour; the 2nd photo shows the haze!

Batman knitting

The possum hair gives this a lovely fuzzy haze

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Rainbow Zig Zag Knitted Blanket: FINISHED

With difficulties getting all the colours for this (and I wanted all the colours so that it would go with the quilt I made for the same baby), the baby coming EARLY, and a trip to New Zealand, I was THRILLED to get this blanket finished before I went! I had to ask another friend to get it to the new mum for me, but FINISHED!!!!!

On Ravelry: Spud’s Chevron Baby Blanket

Recent finishes

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3D Boxes Baby Quilt

I have had this nagging idea for over a year – maybe 2? – to make a quilt 1) using solid colours and 2) quilting it with the same colour – so on the traditional ‘top’ you don’t see the quilting but on the verso you see ‘something’. I used this idea for a baby quilt for a friend in New Zealand.

The top is an equilateral triangles quilt, making 3D boxes in rainbow colours.

Ready for bindings

On the ‘verso’, you see the boxes again. The tops have a similar angular quilting, and for the other two sides of the boxes I would use a larger and smaller version of a free motion quilting pattern.


I loved making it, I love quilting it, but this is not the end of this idea!

Unfortunatley, it was not without its flaws. UUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!


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Knitted Doll

I’m part of a group who knits and crochets things for the local hospital’s NICU & PICU wards and Ronald McDonald House. One of the members is a young woman who just a year or two ago was in the paediatric intensive care unit. She said that even though she was the oldest there, she was given a teddy bear – and loved it. She was a scared little girl being treated like an adult. So I wanted to make some dolls that might appeal to older children. I hope I did that.

On Ravelry: Knitted Doll on Ravelry

Red cardigan completes her

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