Sparky’s World Map

I’m not usually keen on panel quilts, however when I was at the New Zealand Fabrics and Yarn shop while on holiday I bought a world map panel.

A project for the boy's wall

As soon as I saw it, I new I wanted to do a wall hanging for Sparky’s bedroom. We travel a bit, plus he has friends and family all over the world, so I want to quilt our trips onto the wall hanging as well as put place markers for friends and family. The nice thing is that I can add to it over time. So far I’ve stitched the lines of latitude and longitude in black, other lines such as the prime meridian in cream, and our trips in gold. The gold thread was. . .a challenge.

Japan went ok.

It is all bound and ready for the dowels to be put through so that it can hang – I just haven’t hung it yet. Or put buttons for where friends and family are. I’ll there (soon, I hope).

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