WIP: Retro Flowers

I’ve already mentioned the quilt I’ve been working on since I did the curves class last Saturday. I’ve completed more ‘petals’ since this photo was taken, but it gives you and idea of where it is going.

More progress

I knew learning how to piece curves that would then sit flat on a quilt would be tricky. The first few I did really felt awkward. It took several pieces for me to get a feel for it. At first I was SO uncomfortable!

However I didn’t realise that sewing the curves wouldn’t be the major effort for this quilt. There is a LOT of cutting. Cutting the pieces to create the blocks to make up petals, but then after the bright fabric and grey are joined either with a curve or straight borders, each block must then be re-trimmed. Usually I love that sort of precision work, however I’m still ill – and keep making mistakes. Eek.

A long process

Some of the mistakes mean I just plain need to redo the block (like mistakes trimming blocks when tired and sick), but there’s others where I don’t know what to do! I was being so careful of the few blocks with pattern that they at least went in the same direction, but in my sick addle minded stupidity I paid attention not to change the direction when piecing the rounded blocks – but changed every single one of the curved blocked joined to a square block. And I didn’t realise I was doing this until today.

Oh dear. To unpick or not to unpick?

Hmm. . .should I unpick and redo these?

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2 Responses to WIP: Retro Flowers

  1. Linda Dutch says:

    Lovely retro flowers! I too have made this – and, after mastering the curves, & making sure my directional fabrics were ok, I then had trouble with keeping all those seam lines straight, they showed up due to using lots of white I think! I think possibly you could get away with leaving both the square sections, just altering the curved segment that’s out of sync? If you unpick, maybe also you could reuse those bits in another repeat block?

    • Mummy says:

      Thanks. I’m still weighing up whether to change them or not. My husband and friend say they can’t even tell when it’s pointed out to them, however I would know.

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