Sunday Stash: Here Come the Curves

I had vowed that I would sew from my stash this year. Yup. Sure. Well I have been using my stash quite a lot, but I have also bought a bit of fabric. Just a bit.

I’ve never done a ‘Sunday Stash’ post here before, but I quite like the idea – pausing after making purchases to reflect on what you’ve gotten, perhaps play with it with other things in your stash. Usually I just hide it away before my husband sees how much fabric has entered the house.

I’ve had a summer cold this week, but I WAS NOT going to miss a class I signed up for a curves class at Frangipani Fabrics. I don’t do classes often, and I was really looking forward to learning how to do curves. These are my first ones, and although they aren’t perfect, they’re CURVES!


As I’m ill I haven’t given myself as much practice as I’d like, but I’m beginning to get the feel of it. Just looking at the start even looks wrong!

Sewing curves just looks. . .wrong

I already had my fabrics chosen for the quilt that this will make, but here’s where the stash bit comes in: I bought some more fabric. I couldn’t help it. I was at Frangipani Fabrics, and they have this lovely system where when you buy fabric you wind up with a credit for later, and they’re so lovely and have such yummy fabrics, and and. . . I decided to add a few fabrics to my curves project and swap out some I’d already chosen. I don’t think this is a traditional ‘Sunday Stash’ post as they’re not all from the same designer, but here are my additions:

Sunday stash

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