Progress: Retro Flowers

I have the quilt top for the Retro Curves quilt finished as well as the binding cut and pressed. I’ve wound up settling on a medium grey fabric for the backing and binding. That means I’ll probably quilt the ‘petals’ with thread to match each petal so that on the verso you can see them. I’m not thrilled with the dark grey backing – however I think I actually bought medium grey fabric months ago as the backing to finish it off! I couldn’t find it in my stash the day I went to purchase fluff, and without there being any other fabrics I liked that there was enough of, grey it is.

Time to do the backing, then quilt!

I’ve also mentioned this quilt in previous posts, UFO: Retro Flowers, WIP: Retro Flowers, and Sunday Stash: Let’s finish some WIPs. This highlights to me that this WIP is over a year old! Oops! However I have gotten what I wanted to learn out of it, i.e. I have successfully pieced curves on my machine. And they weren’t as bad as I thought they might be!

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