3D Boxes Baby Quilt

I have had this nagging idea for over a year – maybe 2? – to make a quilt 1) using solid colours and 2) quilting it with the same colour – so on the traditional ‘top’ you don’t see the quilting but on the verso you see ‘something’. I used this idea for a baby quilt for a friend in New Zealand.

The top is an equilateral triangles quilt, making 3D boxes in rainbow colours.

Ready for bindings

On the ‘verso’, you see the boxes again. The tops have a similar angular quilting, and for the other two sides of the boxes I would use a larger and smaller version of a free motion quilting pattern.


I loved making it, I love quilting it, but this is not the end of this idea!

Unfortunatley, it was not without its flaws. UUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!


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