Scott’s Hat and Cowl

I taught myself to knit when my last dog died – way back in 2007. The first things I knitted were a scarf and a hat for my husband, and he still wears them. He still wears them even thought they were made of nasty Spotlight wool, were made by someone teaching herself from a book, and are showing the wear of years! And he proudly tells people I knitted them for him.

So for Christmas I gave him a bunch of wool and a choice of patterns. I’ve finished a new hat and cowl for him – all but for weaving in the ends of the different colours. (Of course it’s a colourwork project! Everything since my colourwork class has been!)
Hat completed (but not yet blocked) 'look into the light!)

I’m so pleased that he’ll have something new to wear this coming winter, but I haven’t taken a photo of him in his new matched set yet as it would be a bit cruel in today’s heat.
Scott's cowl - almost finished

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