Bright Baby Quilts

Some lovely friends were having a baby. I wanted to surprise the new mum-to-be, so I asked her husband how they were decorating or what colours they preferred. At that time they had only bought one decoration for their girl’s room, and it was rainbow coloured. They didn’t want to be inundated with pink. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but I’d have to order fabric from overseas. Drat.

So first I started another quilt. If the fabric didn’t arrive in time for me to whip up a quilt before we headed overseas to Japan, at least they’d have something. And I could always send the quilt I wanted to make for them later.
A new project. Well, leftovers from a new project. #qulting

It was an idea I’d been throwing around for a while, but I decided to just go with is in colours I had in my stash.
New quilt top finished.

Not awful, but not the quilt I had my heart set on making for them! And the fabric from overseas had gone lost. The tracking said it was delivered, but it hadn’t been. Then a week later, a battered and soggy package arrived. The fabric?! Luckily the water hadn’t penetrated all the packaging. I have no idea where it had been!
A new project.

I didn’t have long before we were heading overseas, but I sewed and cut. . .
The basic idea

Does your heart soar when a quilt you’re making for a friend comes together and it’s just what you hoped for? Mine does!
This quilt pleases me.

So I wound up with 2 quilts for our dear friends. One was a fun experiment, and one the quilt I adore. You can never have too many with a bub.
Quilts for Pip and Nat

And I just happened to have the perfect fabric to back the rainbow quilt already in my stash. Ah. I love it when a plan comes together.
Quilts for Pip and Nat, and Backing

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