Rainbow Monkey almost finished!

In February 2012 I had an idea for a quilt and started out making ‘Rainbow Monkeys’. I had no idea what I was doing, but I really liked the quilt. I used a computer to figure out the colours:
Rainbow Monkeys
But I had no idea how to actually execute it. I basically started with the 4 middle blocks in dimensions that made sense to me, drew the others around them, then cut the other pieces out to use as templates for cutting fabric!
Making My Design a Reality, Playing with Colour and Geometry
A year later, and in the new house, I made some more progress.
Two more rows to go!
By March 2013 I was finished!
FAR from perfect...but now just in need of some borders.
March 2014, and it was still one of my WIPs.
Several projects to finish!
Part of the reason it stayed a work in progress for so long was that I LOVED it. When I started it, Sparky was only 5 months old. It was really hard to work on in the old house where I sewed on the dining room table, so I had to pack up or we had nowhere to eat. Once I’d finished it in the new house, I couldn’t decide if it was finished. I really liked it, and Sparky liked it, so I thought maybe I should make it bigger! But part of the reason against that is I’ve learned so much more since I started it. You would really see a difference in the quilting. That’s good – but might look a bit bad in the finished quilt – or at least detract from it. I’ve been thinking of quilting it as a small practice quilt.

I think this is something I should take some time out for. I plunged into quilting not knowing what I was doing or how to do it, making my own mistakes instead of bothering someone with questions. Also I used to have access to a gigantic quilting machine, so I didn’t take any time to learn to sew on my domestic machine. It is time I did – and time I go easy on myself and start small. I’m certain it’s something that takes time, which I don’t usually give to myself. I should – give myself the gift of time to learn.

Late this morning my husband took the boy out for a place, so I spontaneously decided to finish this quilt off! No over think it, just finish it off.
Hubs took the boy out, so I decided to work on this
I’ve kinda parked the idea of making this quilt larger; I’d like to made it again someday. And I think I could make it better, so that frees me to consider this a practice. So, meh, I didn’t mind using up bits and pieces of batting.
Frankenstein batting
I decided to try to do spiral quilting again.
Start of a spiral
Pinned and ready to go
I’d gotten some rather lovely rainbow thread, so decided to use that.
Winding a rainbow bobbin
After doing the spiral, I decided to put a heart in the centre. I’ve gotten a free motion thingsy – but I’ve been scared to try it. The first side of the heart (right) didn’t go so well, but after that I turned the machine’s speed down and thr right side went much better. Not perfect, but I’m happy to have given myself the experience.
Attempted some free motion
I even got the bindings onto the front of the quilt, but I didn’t get a photos. So all that’s left to do is hand sew the bindings down to the back!

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