Since my post about my MIL’s quilt a month ago, my blog was down for a bit, but I finished the quilt! I wanted to get it done before she left overseas, and I’m glad I did. If I didn’t I was going to leave it there for her to see when she arrived – but this way I saw her reaction. She genuinely looked pleased – and she loved the backing fabric and frame borders that the lovely staff at Frangipani Fabrics helped me find.

QUILTED. Bindings start tomorrow.
I finished my MIL's quilt!
I finished my MIL's quilt!
Finished quilt.
MIL's quilt finished and washed
MIL's quilt back: Water Dreaming designed by Poly Weaver for M & S Textiles Australia.
MIL’s quilt in situ.
Quilt in its new home
She honestly looks pleased with it.
Nanny Patsy matches her quilt

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