Project 48: 4 of 48

It’s Friday, so time for block 4 of Project 48! I read the instructions over for the first time over my morning coffee, and although I initially loved the look of the block I didn’t like how much fabric it wasted if you were only doing one block. It would be fine if you were doing a whole quilt; I can imagine 4 shades of kona in each block in a couple of colours – fabulous! But for one block. . .hmm. I had friends visiting in the morning, so ideas were bubbling away until I could get to my fabric.

For some reason I thought cutting a single piece of fabric in stripes then rearranging them would work. Luckily I tested it out with paper first. It didn’t work as I wanted it to.
That's not going to work

So I cut out a paper template and did lots of stash diving. For some reason the red with yellow striped fabric had come into my mind immediately for this project, and I found that if I played around I had more than enough to do half of the centre with it.
Figuring things out with paper templates
I chose another red fabric – with droplets, a very appropriate celebration of today’s rain – as the other fabric in the centre.
Hourglass pieces
I played with the placement for the coloured pieces. NO, those stripes would drive me insane like this.
No, those stripes would drive me insane
Much better.
This way then
There’s still a lot of wastage on this block. The centre needed to be trimmed down to 5 1/2 inches; mine started as 6 1/2.
Lots of trimming with this one
I marked the small squares, then sewed them to their strips. I sewed on the ‘outside’ side of the line to help compensate for the thickness of the thread and fabric when pressed. I had to use my normal foot instead of the 1/4 inch foot for this step.
Sewing just to the outside of the centre line to compensate for the thicknesses of fabric and thread when pressing

More trimming/wastage – although these are quite small corners. If they were larger I would have sewed another seam parallel to the one needed for the pattern – then when you trim you have a HST to use on another project.
More trimming; too small for even me to save
Cutting and trimming complete!
Finally all cut and trimmed
Ahhh – finally I see why this is part of the 9 patch month.
Looking like a 9 patch
Block 4 of 48! As a larger quilt, I think this block would be fun. I’ll keep it in mind. With lots of shades of kona colours, a bit of a production line, and perhaps not having to make someone 5,000 pieces of Vegemite while making it and it could go quite well.
Block 4 of 48
Blocks 1 through 4 of 48:
Blocks 1 - 4

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