Knitted Christmas Balls

After doing a colourwork class at The Stash Cupboard with Bec and Cat, I was a bit obsessed with colourwork. And with Christmas approaching, it was the perfect time to get out the Arne and Carlos book I’d bought (and failed to make anything from) a couple years ago. 55 Christmas Balls to Knit!

It quickly became an addition.
4 balls

I even designed my own.
Oops - finished

I just couldn’t stop.
7 knitted balls so far

The butterfly, done in purple, was a perfect gift for a friend.
The sparkle doesn't show.

The Christmas tree, with the addition of frogs, was the perfect gift for some frog-obsessed friends who host an annual Christmas BBQ.
Christmas tree

A friend and I have challenged each other to knit all of them by next Christmas (a task not made easier by Arne and Carlos publishing more small balls!). They will make fantastic gifts. I already know that my tante will get!

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