Quilts for My Very Own Bub, Sparky

Here’s 2 quilt tops for quilts for my boy – both started before I knew if he’d be a girl or a boy. Or, indeed, if he would ever come.


They were quilted on my good friend’s big, giant quilting machine, Bertha. This was done less than a week before he arrived, although I thought I’d have another couple weeks!

Eskil's Thing on Cathy's Thingo!

And here is one of them with my boy:

Thing Mummy Made for Sparky

My notes on the photo remind me that I’d originally imagined something argyle-ish, i.e. to quilt it with red or yellow through the centre of the diagonals. But this was more interesting – reminds me of a jester.

Here’s a terrible photo of the other finished:

Finished Thing

They both have a flanelette backing, and at 2 1/2 he still uses them (but will quickly outgrow them).

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