My First ‘Thing’

I’m not certain what inspired me to do it, but the first quilt I ever made was for a friend who was having a baby. In fact, she was due the day after I was due, however my bub was born too early. So making something that took time felt like my way of telling her it was OK. I do remember that I saw quilt on a bub’s pram near the Hobart library and thought ‘I could do that’. And so it started. . .with this:

A Thing

I had a friend who was a professional quilter, so I wasn’t going to call what I did a ‘quilt’ as it was so far removed from what she did.

Detail of a Thing

I’d do so much differently now, but that’s what starting out is like.

The Thing

I’d (obviously) had no instruction and just made it up as I went.

Thing Corner

I seem to remember the binding was just single layer with the edged folded in – I tried (often unsuccessfully) to catch both sides at once. Sigh.

The Thing, back

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