Knitted Puppets for Sparky’s Teacher

As I mentioned in another post, the Australian school year finishes just days before Christmas – much too stressful a time to organise teacher gifts. So I made gifts for Sparky’s teacher in the middle of the year. She had mentioned that she loves using puppets in class, so somehow putting Sparky into the knit rugby top of the school uniform make me think of knitting – I could try to knit puppets in school uniform! I’m not quite sane.

I made then up as I went along, and I’m fairly happy with the end result. I’d do them differently if I were to do it over, but that’s the creative process!

Hmmm. . .looking back at the page on Ravelry, I thought I’d made lots of notes as I went but apparently not! Oh well. Knitted Puppets

Knitted puppet

Knitted puppets

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